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"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."

-- William Feather
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Assessment Resources 
</em></span><em> </em>

An Evolving Resource for Assessment, Evaluation,


 and Related Information in Education and Career Development


Compiled by Dr. Janet E. Wall, CDFI, MCDP


<strong><span style="font-family: Arial;" _mce_style="font-family: Arial;"><em>President and Founder, Sage Solutions</em></span></strong>
<em><a href="mailto:sagesolutions@earthlink.net" _mce_href="mailto:sagesolutions@earthlink.net">careerfacilitator@janetwall.net</a></em>


<em>http://www.janetwall.net</em> <em>
Please send me your suggestions for links to documents and sites you feel are pertinent to the improved 
use of assessment in education, counseling, and career development. </em>

<em> </em><em>Visit each page as shown below to obtain the resources.</em>


NEW! AACE/NCDA Standards 


Assessment Related Associations

Assessment Related Organizations

Ethics, Position, and Policy Statements

General Assessment Resources

Evaluation Resources

Other Organizations and Committees

Online Journals, Reports, and Newsletters

Major Assessment Companies

Articles on Assessment and Career Development

Book Resources

Training Opportunities

Parent Resources

Personnel and Workforce Assessment


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